To translate is the condition of all thinking and learning.

Giovanni Gentile


'Real-time' translation from a booth: the interpreter translates speakers while they speak. This technique is used in conferences, congresses, meetings and several other events. 

For events involving a maximum of 50 guests, organised in small rooms or spaces, simultaneous interpreting can be done also using a guided tour system (portable equipment used in museums, for example).


Translation using the so-called 'note taking' technique: the interpreter thoroughly and accurately translates what speaker say by reading notes taken while they speak. It is used in events where no simultaneous interpreting booth is installed, often lasting less than traditional conferences.

PROS: no equipment required.
CONS: the event lasts approximately twice as much, as both the speaker and the interpreter take the floor.


The interpreter translates speakers more dynamically, in a quicker exchange facilitating dialogue of the parties. it is generally used in commercial meetings, debates and similar events. The interpreter is the actual bridge for parties involved.


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