Translation is the circulatory system of the world's literature.

Susan Sontag

Translate /traenz'leit/

1. [transitive, intransitive] To express the meaning of speech or writing in a different language translate something (from something) (into something). He translated the letter into English. Her books have been translated into 24 languages. Can you help me translate this legal jargon into plain English? 1a. Translate something (as something). ‘Suisse’ had been wrongly translated as ‘Sweden’. 1b. Translate (from something) (into something). I don't speak Greek so Dina offered to translate for me. 
2. [intransitive] To be changed from one language to another. Most poetry does not translate well. 2a. Translate as something. The Welsh name translates as ‘Land's End’.
3. [transitive, intransitive] To change something, or to be changed, into a different form. 3a. Translate something (into something). It's time to translate words into action. 3b. Translate into something. I hope all the hard work will translate into profits.


  • Translation (Eng) of documents for Barilla
  • Translation (Eng) of documents for SevenData S.p.A.
  • Translation (Eng) of documents for Copernico srl
  • Translation (Eng/Spa) of documents for Vision+ Onlus
  • Translation (Eng) of Zadig&Voltaire magazine
  • Translation (Eng) of book on LEED Certification - Rete Ambiente
  • Translation (Eng) of documents for Company Communications srl
  • Translation (Eng) of articles for the magazine Renewable Matter.
  • Translation (Eng) of documents for Clear Channel
  • Translation (Eng) of documents of YOSALT Project for Ealing Council (London)
  • Translation (Eng, Fr) of funds and regulations documents for Amundi Sgr (Milan)
  • Translation (Eng) of medical focus group questionnaires for Exafield (Milan)
  • Translation (Spa) of livestock industry articles for Semex Italia (Lodi)
  • Translation (Fr) of international e-mails for MAP srl (Milan)
  • Translation (Spa) of articles on plant growing for magazine published by Soft Secrets (Netherlands)
  • Translation (Eng, Fr) of funds and regulations documents for Caam Sgr (Milan)
  • Translation and transcription (Eng, Fr) for AMI - Milan Interpreters Association
  • Translation of documents (Eng) of CSC Italia srl's project - Assago (Milan)
  • Translation (Eng) of parts of Alex Bellini's website
  • Translation of documents (Eng): 'Asbestos Survey' for Proj.Eco Engineering srl (Milan)
  • Translation (Eng) of e-mails between Centro Zootecnico Zorlesco (Lodi) and Canadian Semex (Canada)
  • Translation of documents (Eng, Spa) in the framework of the ICAM European Project for the Province of Milan
  • Translation of financial documents (Eng) for Eurizon Capital Sgr SpA (Milan)
  • Translation of technical documents (Eng) for Tecnotin srl
  • Translation of documents (Fr) in the framework of the Elle&Vire's Project for Design Continuum Italia srl
  • Translation of documents (Eng) in the framework of the Heat Project for Design Continuum Italia srl
  • Translation (Fr) of Citrix's documents for Prima Pagina Servizi Editoriali srl
  • Translation (Eng) of abstracts for Derplast Service srl (Pisa)
  • Technical translations (Eng.Fr) for Dimsport S.r.l. of Camino (Alessandria)
  • Technical translations (Spa) for Agip España in Madrid (Netherlands)
  • Translation (Fr) of sections of ‘L’Etat du monde’ 2003.2004 for Edigeo Milano
  • Translation (Eng, Fr) of Pellini S.p.A.'s Technical Manual
  • Translation (Eng) of transcript of Conference ‘Air pollution’, organized by Fondazione Lombardia for the Environment
  • In-house translations for Legal Cabinet Dobson & Pinci of Milan
  • Translation and Editing (Eng) of short.long movies for FilmFestival 2001 (Milan) and preparation of the FilmFestival DVD
  • Translation (Eng) of Technical Manual about Ros Measurements


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